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the most powerful name in news. the us. the us. terror. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> glenn: this could be a dicey show today. eclairs and pies. unions, eclairs and pies oh my! what happened at the white house yesterday? ewe should cover that. who made more profit, the evil exxon or the fed? we have the answer and questions on that one. and do you value your rights? wait until you see the latest poll numbers. we started to talk a little bit about it yesterday. it's going to shock and horrify you. oh, and a special announcement. on tomorrow's program for the first time, i'm going to sit down and do a one-on-one with sarah palin for the full hour tomorrow night. you don't want to miss it. and you don't want to miss a second of tonight's show. c'mon!
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♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. the deceptions continue. the most open, transparent, honest, loaded with integrity administration and congress in the history of the world is exactly the opposite. that is weird, huh? yesterday was union day at the white house. i mean officially. we all know by now every day is union day in reality at the white house. don't we? >> before debating healthcare, i talked to andy stern and seiu members. >> are you fired up? ready to go? are you fired up? ready to go? >> glenn: nothing better than the president doing that in a big union meeting. let me introduce you to a new guy. stewart atoff, the chief of staff of the utility workers
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union of america. yesterday on neil cavuto's show neil asked him point blank: are you pretty cool with the so-called wealthy footing the bill for everybody else? here is what he said. >> you're okay with taxing rich guys to pay for it, right? >> absolutely. they got a $2.5 trillion tax cut under president bush. why not ask them to pay a little bit now to fix our healthcare system? in the last ten years working families have lost wages, have had their wages decline, and have lost family wealth. working people in america have paid plenty. >> glenn: yeah. the rich people haven't gone through that, i guess. this is great, because this is what michelle obama talked about with her pie analogy in april of 2008. here is what she said. the truth is in order to get things like universal healthcare and revamped educational system, someone is going to have to give up a piece of their own pie so that someone else can have a little more. oh, wow!
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may i? pie. here is the pie. this represents all of the money that we have in the federal government, all the taxes that are paid. well, let's see who isn't paying their fair share. you decide. is it the top 1%? this is the entire budget, all of our revenue, all of our revenue. how much do the top 1% pay? only, only about -- this much. only -- if i can get underneath here. going to be yummy. only about this much. that's the top 1%. oh, i hate those evil rich people! when will they pay their fair share? this again is one.
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1%. okay? now, how about the top 2% to the top 10%? okay? so this would include the 1% here and the rest of them in the top 10%. that would be, let's see, that would be about here. we have from 2% to 10%, they're paying hmm, doesn't the pie look yummy now? i want some seriously. okay, so that is the top 10%. so i got to put ten people in the pie. that is ten people. now, we've got now 71% of the pie. the top 50% of pie eaters account for -- now this is the rest of the top 50%.
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that is going to be these people. got it? we got to put 50 people to pay for that piece of pie. one. nine. fifty. this represents the bottom 50%. they pay -- do i have any more? yeah. they pay bottom 3%. okay? so don't you hate this one guy? oh, my gosh, he's just not paying enough. got it? he's paying 40%. now, the top -- the bottom 3% i have to let you know, the bottom 50%, that 3%, they pay -- the bottom 50% pays only 3% of everything that we spend.
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the rest of it is put in a protected poor pie place. they got their own pie. never even touched. in fact, from time to time, it's so great, from time to time, we just whip people up in such a frenzy, where we're like i hate those people. give them some pie! every year, we just give them some of the more -- yeah, we just give it to them. we hate the top 1%. we just take more of their pie and we put it in the protected zone now. nobody, nobody could get in the protected zone. no! don't take the poor pie. it's these people that we hate. these people are good. got it? now that's our income. this is all we've got left. don't even think about taking this. this is what we have to spend. but we need now universal healthcare. what to do? what to do? well, if i were on a normal cable tv news show, this is what i would tell you. i would deliver it like this. and the unions today are
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upset about a proposed 40% tax on cadillac healthcare plans. that would be pretty boring, huh? the way most cable news shows would explain it, cadillac healthcare plan are the policies worth more than $8,500 for individuals and $23,000 for families. a lot of union members have these types of plans because unions negotiate them as part of the pay packages. the new healthcare bill would tax those plans at a higher rate. back to you, jim. that's why i don't watch the normal cable tv shows, because -- let me explain. we got the protected pie over here, for the poor pie. we've got to be very, very careful. what we're trying to do is we want to make sure that we have some pie for all the people that don't have healthcare, right? we just have people with empty plates. that's not right. not in america, you can't have that happen. do we have any more blank plates?
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we can't have that in america. so we what can -- we can't have the wealthy 1%, that would be charity. we can't have the top 10% do it, that would be charity. if they just took their money and gave it directly to the poor people, that would be charity. we don't like that. what we like is government redistrib they've got this nice sanitary bowl and they're saying we're going to fix this. we're going to take some of this, and we're going to -- oh, well, a few people are lost in the pie. hey! can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. you know what i mean? and we're going to take some of this pie. and we hate these people, too. and then we're going to take some of this pie here. but not very many. we lost a few there, but -- let's not touch that. you know what? while we're at it, man i hate the rich! 1%. here, poor boy over here. got it?
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now, because these people, the government, have never made pie before, they're not in the pie business, they don't know anything about it. they're just like yeah! we're just making yummy pie here, that's what we're doing. we're just going to take the pie and make it up. oh, it's going to be yummy. because we want to make sure that everybody has a nice piece of pie. we just slop it out. hmm, hmm, hmm. but wait! that's not fair. there is not enough here. we still have more people that don't have it! what do we do? well, that's when the unions come in. because see, the unions have done something very interesting. the unions -- let's say this represent represents -- let's say g.m. was a bakery. and g.m. was making eclairs.
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what happened to g.m.? have you had a g.m. car lately? they're great. i used to represent them. until they got in bed with the government and i couldn't do it anymore. i liked 'em. it drove their hydrogen car. it's amazing. hmm. hydrogen. hey, g.m., they were making yummy stuff. they had bad management. but the people there were good. the union members were good. what happened? the management made a deal like this. let's say these are all cars. but they're eclairs. so the unions decided to say to g.m. people, you know what? every time a consumer buys an eclair, we're going to give our workers two. and the union gets half of that eclair. so you just keep selling
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cars. we get two. i have those there. and then you sell a few more cars, and now we need four eclairs. and we need to -- two there. right. and we've sold some more cars. oh, so we get two more. and then we've sold some more cars. we get two more. you see how well this is working out? now pretty soon, g.m., or the baker, starts to say wait a minute. this isn't going to work out, because i'm going to run out of cars, because what has happened is even if you're not selling cars anymore, even if you've retired from this bakery, oh, they just keep paying you in eclairs. and the unions keep taking their cut. and they just -- they haven't sold any car, because you haven't been working there for a while. they just give you more eclairs, because that's the deal that they made. and the union takes their cut.
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well, what happened to g.m.? what happens to everybody who does business with these corrupt labor unions? they run out. go out of business. but wait a minute, if that happened, then wouldn't the labor unions who have all of this stustuff, this is the legacy cost. with nobody to pay for legacy cost, wouldn't these people be a little upset? i mean they worked hard. they worked hard. they were honest brokers. and these people told them that it was sustainable. the unions said hey, that will go on forever, don't worry about it. others said no, no, no, it won't work. it's unsustainable. hmm. what are they going to do? i guess they could be honest and say we screwed up, this is really, really bad. but then they'd lose power and their credibility. what does candy stern do? instead of being honest with
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his workers and say hey, we've been running out of eclairs and we have some problems, the legacy cost was a bad idea, they decide to say you know what, guys? you know all of these eclairs that we were giving you? the evil pie people, the government, wants to take 40% of your eclairs. that's what it is. the cadillac tax, if you have a good healthcare plan, 40% goes to the government. that one stays over here, because that one looks too yummy. 40% of them go to the government. and where do they go? not to these people. no, no, not to these people. to these people. i'm going to have some eclairs. eclairs for everybody. you know what is great? we have more pie people. some of these people are not even working for pie. some of them don't even want pie. some of them have been offered pie and won't sign up for pie, but we're going to
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give them some more, because the government knows best and we'll protect you. oh, i hate you 1% people. does any of this looks like it would work? does anybody think that this is a good system? look at me. i'm a guy that is kind of overweight. grew up in a bakery. this doesn't look appetizing to me. this doesn't look appetizing to me. i'll eat pretty much anything. this is crap. this won't work. the unions along with the redistributed pie people have made a system that didn't work in the first place. now they're just doing all kinds of misdirection and giving you some pie and
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eclair in a blender, and expecting you to swallow it. it's a lie. it's unsustainable. and that is what union day at the white house is really all about. back in a minute. up next -- who is exempt from the healthcare bill? and who will pay their share? also, got any more pie left? next.
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>> glenn: i've said all along that this healthcare bill is about massive redistribution of wealth. it's not about health or care. over 2,000 pages were needed to divvy up this pie that looks something like this in the end. it's bad. so who is getting it? you know, in the last few minutes, i did this, you know, protected, the poor
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pie. that you can't touch. nobody will even talk about the protected poor pie. this protected pie, unlike the slop that everybody else is going to be getting -- i mean it's a nightmare what is coming to you. this is not just the bottom 50% of america. this is also now anyone who gets a special favor, anybody who is in with the right people. you're going to be protected. there is going to be a shield of protection around you, because well, you're the right kind of people. mark mix, president of the national right to work is with us now. yeah, how do you like that? how are you doing, mark? >> excuse me, glenn. let me put my eclair down. >> glenn: yeah. >> we have a few down here in virginia. we're a right to work state, so no worker can be compelled to pay dues as condition of union. we have eclairs down here left, which is the good news. >> glenn: here is the
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question. the union bosses met yesterday at the white house and they are part of the protected class. i mean, i can't believe how if you have a cadillac tax, you know, you try to go out and do the right thing by your employees as a small business person. and you give them an amazing benefits package for healthcare. you're going to be taxed 40% on that healthcare now. 40%. but if you're in a union, no, no you're protected. you got the cone over you. right? >> well, it's interesting. this bill is larded with all kinds of gifts for lots of people, people in various states across the country but primarily larded for benefits with organized labor officials who decided their interests are better served by a nationalized government run healthcare plan than actually protecting the workers they claim to represent. it's ridiculous to think they're posturing about the cadillac tax, unionized health plans and trying to bluster about it when in fact
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the most important and interesting comment yesterday after being done meeting with the president was from richard trunkett who said we have come so far in this government run healthcare thing, it would be a shame to let it go now. meaning we'll throw our own members under the bus and tax them, too. ideally they want to be exempt. six already are. >> glenn: every time i talk about the the unos people hassle me and say why do you have a problem with the unions? i don't have a problem with the union workers. i did represent general motors. i was a spokesperson for general motors for i don't know how many years. until they got in bed with the federal government and then i couldn't do it anymore. it made it clear to the -- i made it clear to the head of general motors, look, this isn't about the people of general motors. nibble the i believe in the workers of general motors. but i don't think the workers even know who the party bosses are of the unions. they did not reflect american values. agree or disagree? >> that's exactly right, glenn. there is a deep wedge and division between rank and file workers and the union
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officials that claim to represent them in washington. you know, it goes back to 1935 and the new deal when unionized leaders, union leaders went to the government and said we want special privileges. ever since then, this wedge and this chasm between the rank and file workers and union bosses has grown larger and larger. >> glenn: but you have andy stern saying workers of the world unite. you have who is it, the manufacturering czar, ron bloom basically holding up redistribution of wealth and saying that the free market system doesn't work. these, these are not free market people. that is the chasm i mean. people believe -- generally speaking, americans believe in the right to work, the right to have an idea and start a business and go. that's not what the union people are all about. >> that's exactly right. they're about redistribution of wealth and they're doing it with government power. for the first time in organized labor's history,
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they passed the rrubican. now 50% of workers are part of government now and that bodes ill for america as we work forward. many union officials and union leaders have a history or have been part of the socialist movement. andy stern trained in midwest academy by paul and harriet booth, socialist activists. not good. >> glenn: hold on a second. tiffany, wasn't -- was it harriet booth, wasn't it booth who was at the acorn party that a we covered -- >> heather booth. >> glenn: is there any relation? >> heather, i'm sorry. i think it is heather. >> glenn: okay. she was with acorn because she was with the acorn party defending that. she also was with, she is -- what relation to andy stern?
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what was andy stern? >> he trained at the midwest academy that her and her husband ran. that's where he gets his pedigree. >> glenn: tell me ron bloom's connection, he's the manufacturering czar. tell me his connection with the dsa and what dsa is. >> i think he is a peb of that and has been affiliated with it in the past. the democratic socialist of america is part of the socialist international which is an organization promoting socialism across the globe. you have a whole host of that here in america in the union movement. in fact, john sweeney in 1995, when he took over the afl seiu prohibited communist leaders running unions. he started a training program called union summer with the young workers predicated on the design it would be class organizing meths and methodologies. that gets close to the line when you talk about freedom and individual rights in america. >> glenn: when you say class organizations, you mean exactly what is happening here in america.
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hate the rich. take from the rich and give to the poor, right? >> well, it simply is a matter of driving wedges between groups of people. one of the easiest ways to do that is class warfare. you're always angry with the guy with one dollar more and protective of the guy with one dollar less. that's part of human nature. >> glenn: thank you. appreciate it. we'll talk to you again. america, here is -- if you really think that these progressives believe, hey, the evil rich guy, okay, all right. that would make sense if they were consistent, right? do you remember all the progressives that were punishing the oil companies for the windfall profits? remember? you can't make that kind of money when americans are in trouble. wait until i give you the news next on the fed. you'll have to ask do these people believe in anything other than special favors next. ís
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>> glenn: last night i was driving home and i sketched this out because i heard a story about the fat cat bankers. it sounds good to say that. i hate them already. they're such an easy target, nep a tanking economy. all you need is a scapegoat and it's sure fire way to score political points. fat cat bankers.
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not the fed. sure they're independent bankers. they're not part of the government. but i don't think they're fat cats. do you? i don't know. i don't though who they are. they just made the largest profit of anyone in the history of the world. this year. isn't that great? anyway, back to the fat cat bankers, not the fed. obama is taking aim at the bankers in an attempt now to levy a windfall profits tax on the nation's 20 20 to 30 banks to cover $120 billion in tarp losses. get this. president obama wants the windfall profit tax assessed on the nation top 20 to 30 banks to cover the $120 billion in projected tarp losses, the cost largely incurred by bailing out the insurer aig. and then bailing out the auto makers, and bad borrowers. why are the banks going to be the one bailing out the auto makers?
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shouldn't it be the unions? if it didn't go well, why don't we find the union -- fine the unions. here is an idea, why don't we have chris dodd and barney frank and all the people in washington that wanted to bail it out when the americans said absolutely not. were the banks leading that parade? the average slob hears that the banks are going to get fined they cheer and say yeah, those fat cats. they're so fat! when there is a windfall profits tax -- and we said this on exxon -- who does the tax fall on? you. that's what happens when -- what was it that george bush said? >> abandon free market principles to save the free market system. >> glenn: that's it. abandon the free market to fix the free market. that would assume if you bought into the philosophy, which is bunk, that would assume at some point if you abandon it to fix it you would return to a free market.
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right? right. it's not the bank they're is going to get hurt here. we're not going back to the free market system. let me show you. if you are going to abandon the free market to fix the free market, here is what you have to do. first, you have to fine the sick banks. we said which banks are sick? quick, get money. abandon the free market and give them money. we'll bail them out. that's step number two. step number three, help make them healthy. let's do everything we can. let's put the new structure in, let's get rid of the bad guys. whatever it is, let's make them healthy. then get out of the way. right? abandon the free market system to free the free market system. find sick banks, bail them out, make them healthy and get out of the the way. let the free market get in there. i don't buy into the system but that's what george bush bought into. got it? obama added a fifth step here. fine them.
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otherwise known as tax them. hang on just a second. if you tax them, how is that going to work out for the bank? let me show you. here you are, here is your bank, here is the government. let's say you're going to bank of america. you're doing your banking here. well, the government is going to send in the irs, and they're going to assess the new tax on the bank of america. well, that tax is going to be passed on to you in the form of a new fee. here is glenn's bank. he's not one of the 30 banks. there is no fee. there is no tax. which bank are you going to do business with? you might have rode out the storm with bank of america because you thought hey, they're going to make it healthy and then get out of the way. well, no, no. now they are pauting a fee in here. are you going to ride the storm out? are you going to stay with a fee? or are you going to a bank that doesn't have a fee? then that causes another
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problem. because the cycle then goes back to the top. find the s sick banks, because the banks become sick again. it's a psych that never ends, unless you do this. unless when they see this cycle that you are going to make bank of america sick, what they do is they send the irs down to this. and they start to tax glenn's bank. and pass the fee on to you. one way or another, you lose. and no one wins.
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>> glenn: yesterday, i showed you a national survey that measured the knowledge that americans have about the american revolution. the results, not so good. they explain, "83% failed a
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basic test of knowledge on american revolution." most people couldn't tell you if the civil war happened before or after the revolution. it ain't kidding. it's insane! i spoke to pat caddell about this last night and he made this statement. >> in the same survey they found overwhelmingly that the concept of freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, those basic elements people held to very strongly, they believe it was the core. they knew what "we, the people" are and they knew what the idea of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness was. >> glenn: in my head i'm seeing pat sees the glass have full and i see a glass half empty. you decide. it wrote this down as i was talking to pat yesterday. it wrote this down. you have to say the survey yourself. here are the rights. the question is do you find these rights to be imperative? are they important? these rights. fair trial, religion,
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privacy, to speak freely, to practice no religion if you want, assemble, to not have your stuff searched or taken, or to own firearms. is that important? but not essential? is it essential? is it not really important at all? well, i want to show you the results and compare them from ten years ago. it guess that's where some of the good news is. the first amendment and the media and the court of public opinion. here are the results. ready? potential rights, a right to a fair trial. is it essential, important, but not essential, not that important? 84%, 84% say that it's essential. i'm sorry, but i see it as glass half empty. how is this not 100%? a right to a fair trial? i don't understand 15% of the population. this one has gone down, if you'll notice. 84% compared to ten years ago. here is the right to practice the religion of your choice.
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it's why we came here! 80%. 18, ah, important, but not essential. 2%. you're about to lose some of these rights. the right to privacy. right the privacy, this one is kind of tough, because i mean how much privacy are we talking about? i can see myself going i don't know, how much privacy? 76%. down from 78%. 24% say nah, not essential. not really that important at all. how about the right to speak freely about whatever you want? the right to speak freely. 70%. america, i don't even think i know you. only 70%. 30% say nah, not that important. the right to speak freely. how about this one? the right to practice no religion. i have contend that no religion is a religion.
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it's a set of ideas, that there is no god and you live your life based on that. it is a religion. the right to practice no religion should be 100%, just like the right to practice religion should be 100%. try this one. on the year that we have the tea party movement, the right to assemble, march, protest, or petition the government. 65% don't think -- this is it! this is it! you got 35% that is saying we don't have a right to ask the questions of the government. the right to not have your property searched or seized. 59%. here, just take it. the right to own firearms. 45%. let me ask you something, america. things go wrong. a tyrant is in your life. a killer is in your neighborhood.
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how do you protect yourself? you may not want to own a gun. you have a right to own a gun. you don't have to own a gun. how much do -- let me ask you this. germany, russia, all of the places where there have been dictators, what is the first right they get rid of? this one. why do you think that is? because the people can't fight back. for all of these rights it doesn't matter what the number is. if it's not 100%, it's how do you do it? these are your rights as americans. these are the rights that they said you must protect these rights! we must never allow our government to push past these. who doesn't think a fair trial is an essential right? religion, privacy, protest and speak, right to own firearms. these are the rights that are foundation of the country,
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learn them and live them. special surprise involving sasasasaísú"
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>> i mean, bill o'reilly is the king. of course he has sarah palinmel' on but tomorrow, a special hour of the glen beck program.bu a full hour with formereck governor sarah the questions and topics, i i haven't seen anybody in the mainst iream media talk to hero about, or at least in a way i i think she would feel wou comfortable talking about.bleal faith, hope and charity.wh where does it all come from? what does it mean? i will talk about really everything that i have wantedte to ask her in person one on one including her bizarrenf infatuation with me.i i mean, honestly. it is a little embarassing.assi for her, really, it is. but if she doesn't come to herct senses and realize this isn't a good idea at all, she will atl be here tomorrow for the full. hours.nt an interview you don't want to

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